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Saturday, April 15, 2006
A few weeks ago I started re-decorating my blog but you'll have probably have noticed that since that initial burst of roses, nothing more happened.

Well now you can see why.

I was busy building a website for The Nantwich Writers' Group and as each member was to have their own blog attached to the site, I figured that instead of having two writing blogs, I'd just wait and hook this one up to the NWG site.

So here I am in my nice new shiny room, trying to get used to all this blue. It's quite strange after the roses I originally had but I'm sure I'll warm to it. It's kind of like when you get a new hair do. You start a little every time you catch your reflection for a few days, but then you settle in with it and find it hard to imagine what you looked like pre-new hair do.

Anyway, now that you're here, can I tempt you to take a look around the rest of the NWG site? We have a links directory that we'll be building out with lots of interesting links for writers, a perpetual story that each member will be adding to, a group blog that'll hold our thoughts about the group and its activities, and a discussion forum that's open to everybody. All you need to do is register and away you go. Post 'til your heart's content.

The group's based in Nantwich and led by Penny Jordan of Mills & Boon fame. We're a friendly bunch so if you happen to live in the area, do feel free to contact us for details. You'd be more than welcome to join us.

As far as my writing goes, I didn't get as much done yesterday as I'd hoped. I spent most of the day working on my paid stuff (I wrote a dozen or so website reviews and worked on an e-book about copywriting which was far from interesting but as it helps bring home the bacon, who am I to complain?). In the evening we were out kicking up our heels at a pub in Shropshire. Ok, so there wasn't a lot of heel kicking going on but the music (two guys called something or other and somebody else did an acoustic guitar set) was really good. It all left little time for the book, though.

But today's a new day and I intend to use it.

Happy Easter folks!


[UPDATE: Daft duck that I am - I only went and deleted the entire blog so now I've lost half the posts and ALL of the lovely and useful comments you've left me over the past couple of months. I'm afraid this morose mood is going to shine through in my writing so I'm going to watch Dr. Who instead.]

Posted by Sharon J on 7:12 PM   

Anonymous Jack Slyde said...

The new site looks good Sharon, I much prefer the blue to all those roses.

12:50 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

If I hadn't deleted the comments by mistake, you'd have seen that not everybody was in agreement there. Cherry was devastated at the loss of the roses! I have to say I kinda liked them myself, but I don't think the writers' group would've been too pleased with a site full of roses, especially not the male members!

12:56 PM   

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