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Naming Characters Part II
Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Today I've been playing with The Fantasy Name Generator. Not that I write fantasy, but you know what it's like... you find a way of procrastinating and that's exactly what you do.

Anyway, this name generator turned out to be tons of fun and I've decided that, from now on, my heroes will all have their surnames taken from this very tool.

Just imagine them:

Theodore Sneezepin
Sebastian Wadfumble
Lance Snarknuckle
Justine Twitair

Don't those names conjour up the most delicious heroes imaginable? The kind you could shag until the cows come home?

No? Really? Good Lord! What's the matter with you? No taste at all!

Oh well... maybe not, then.

BUT, I do have an idea for a cosy mystery that I might write some day and thanks once again to the Fantasy Name Generator, I've found the name of the village it shall be set in.

Marjorie Pincuddly and her loyal dog, Dynosia, shall discover the body of Colonel Booblebunch in the village of Nukemthimble.

You can just picture the scene, can't you?

Oh yes, I definitely love the Fantasy Name Generator and I can see that it and I have a solid future together.

Posted by Sharon J on 11:45 PM   

Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

I always wondered what happened to old Seb Wadfumble. He was never popular in the quad at luncheon, and even less popular in the old behind the bikeshed action. I am not at all surprised that he ended up in a dead end situation!

12:40 PM   

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