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Sherry & Leo
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Saturday, June 17, 2006
I've started editing! Or is it called reviewing at this stage? I'm blowed if I know. Does it really matter? I'm re-writing bits that I'm not happy with, taking out bits that don't need to be there, adding bits that are missing and all that jazz.

I know I said I wouldn't start until next week but today felt right. I woke up with lots of thoughts about Leo & Sherry tumbling around inside my head and knew I had to get on with editing their story or they'd plague me throughout the weekend. And nobody wants their weekend ruined by a pair of fictional characters, do they?

I've worked my way through the first two chapters, the second of which needed considerable work before I was happy with it. Because the characters had developed throughout the story, some of what was written back in Chapter Two just didn't fit their personalities anymore.

I also had to give the cat the chop. He only appears that once so there's no point in having him. Why sit him on the landing, forcing the reader try to remember him for no reason? If a character doesn't moves the story forward, even if that character happens to be an animal, then it has no business being in the story in the first place. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

I'm really hoping to have this sent off by the end of next week. Once it's in the post, I'll bring out a cake and we'll have a bit of a knees up. You up for that, Minx? Debi? Sue? Anyone else?

I've been writing some erotic short stories today. They've been ordered by a client to use on a website and believe me, it's far more fun than writing about 'enclosures'. Or even mortgage options or online payment systems. But they all help pay the bills so I'm not complaining.

The short stories have got me wondering whether I ought to have a go at a Blaze, though. I've never read one, but I'm guessing they're just relationship stories where the sex scenes are more regular than otherwise and glowing red hot with lust and desire? I'm not sure yet, though. I already have a 'Next' that I want to write, and a main-stream 'henlit' story with a lot of laughs involved. That's my trouble, y'see. Too many stories, too little time.

Anyway, don't go thinking I'm procrastinating again just because Darcie & Alex's word meter doesn't change much, I'm busy with other stuff. And without the other stuff, Sherry & Leo will never be seen by an M&B editor.

I could hardly believe this but earlier today I took a jaunt around some of the blogs that I link to and had a look at some of the blogs that they link to (still with me?). One of the blogs I landed on belongs to Nicola Marsh, an Australian HMB author. Nothing odd about that, but guess what? Nicola's using a picture of a bloke as inspiration for her next hero and who do you think he is? The self same bloke as I'm using as Alex! Yepp, it's true. Mr James Penfold. Not only is it the same man, but the same photo! Take a look at her post and see.

How weird is that?

The only difference is that she's writing a ModX whereas I'm writing a Tender. And she's called her bloke Bo.

I hope she doesn't tell me off for snatching him, because I didn't. Honestly.

From now on, I'm going to start putting a link in each post. They'll always be writing related in some way or another, but not necessarily related to romance writing. It all depends what I find (I'm always searching out links for the NWG links directory) and what I think you'll want to know about.

Today's link is related to the short stories I've been writing: 'The Top XXX Clichés of Sex Stories'.

If you're thinking of trying your hand at erotica (not trying your hand as in... well... you know), then please remember that babysitters aren't the only people to have sex, all black men aren't necessarily well hung and the missionary position doesn't usually lead to a woman having twenty seven orgasms.


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Posted by Sharon J on 1:12 PM   

Blogger Debi said...

Wow - there's no holding you back now, is there?
And you don't have to ask twice whether I'm up for a knees up. So long as it doesn't have double meanings in view of your current passion for erotica ...
On the other hand, maybe that should read 'even if' ...

5:14 PM   

Blogger Nicola Marsh said...

no worries about snatching.
I'm good at sharing and with you choosing James, it shows you have exquisite taste :)

1:26 AM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

He could put his boots under my bed any time, as my mum would say :)

12:13 PM   

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