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The Luxury of Being Unpublished
Thursday, June 15, 2006
I'm totally enjoying writing this new story; it's flowing so much better than the previous one did. That's probably because it's started life as a Tender and hasn't been chopped about in the way Sherry and Leo's story was. I can just go straight in and write what needs to be written. I'm also finding Darcie a lot more fun than Sherry was. Her personality really sparkles and she's full of wit. No wonder Alex is blown away by her!

Today I've been working on what must be the most boring article in the history of civilisation. It was about electronic enclosures, a subject I knew absolutely nothing about. The research was heavy going because I really didn't understand much of what was written about it, either, but I got there in the end. I just hope the client accepts it.

I've written 2,600 words today on the new story so am pleased with that as I'm now, after two days of writing, almost 10% through. Once I pass that 10% mark I'll feel better as it's the starting out that I don't much like. No, that's wrong. I do like starting a new story, but once I've got those initial first words down I'm then eager to see it actually going somewhere.

I might start some serious revising of Sherry & Leo's story tomorrow but that depends on whether the time feels right. I know from my ordinary writing work that the best revisions are made when I've taken a good step back from my work and let it rest for a while, although with editors nagging for submission, that isn't always possible. Karen Dindia has a few useful revision tips on her blog, if you're interested.

One of the good things about being an unpublished novelist (is there such a thing?) with no contract or deadlines to worry about is that I can work at my own pace. I'm sure that must seem like a luxury to those who have deadlines looming and are dependent on the income so, for that reason, I'm going to enjoy being unpublished, at least for the time being.

How do the rest of you 'unpublished novelists' feel? Do you consider yourself in a position of luxury compared to those with deadlines? Or are you just eager to join the ranks of published authors and all that goes with it?

PS: We took Poppy to the vet yesterday afternoon. She has a tumour in one of her breasts and will be having an operation to remove it today. As you can no doubt imagine, I'm worried that it won't be good news but the vet did say that as it doesn't appear to have spread to the other breasts, there's a good chance they'll have caught it in time.

Here's a picture of her, taken last year. She's all dressed up and ready for Christmas. And--should you be wondering--no, we don't generally treat her like a human baby and dress her up. I think such things are terribly sad, especially when the owners say "but the dogs like it". They don't. They're dogs.


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Posted by Sharon J on 12:52 AM   

Blogger Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Awww poor Poppy. I hope that all goes well with her operation.

You're going great with this 2nd manuscript. Well done! You're inspiring me to work harder on mine, so that I can get on to the 2nd too.

You know something, one of the reasons I'm probably not working as hard as I should be is because I'm scared of being published. How crazy is that?!

I'm battling with myself all the time. I'm eager to join the rank of published authors, but I only want the good things that come with it - not the stress of those awful deadlines.

8:50 AM   

Blogger Karen Erickson said...

Sorry about Poppy. Hope she does well. Love her pic.

Sounds like you're having a blast with the new wip! Starting a story can be so much fun - it's the muddling through the middle part that's the hardest. Blech.

3:42 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

Sue. I can understand what you're saying there. Once we're published, it'll no longer be a hobby and everything will change. Part of me feels the same way, but I'm blowed if I'm going to let it get in my way.

I'm glad I've inspired you, though. Get those fingers tapping that keyboard, girl - there are editors out there just waiting for your manuscript!

Karen. Too true. Middles suck big time!

9:10 PM   

Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

I agree with you about the dressing pets thing but I have to say Poppy wears a hat well!
I read the writing tips and liked the one about regular days off best. So far I have had about 912.

5:37 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

Doesn't she just! Red's definitely her colour.

Only 912? Since when?

5:40 PM   

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