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Several Manuscripts in One Place?
Monday, July 03, 2006
I've past the 25% mark on the new manuscript and am really pleased with the way it's coming along. Assuming I get enough time to write while Lise's visiting, I should have this one finished well within the deadline I've set for myself (13th August).

What I'm wondering, though, is whether or not I can send another manuscript to HMB before hearing back about the first? I mean, from what I've understood, they're quite understaffed at the moment so it's taking longer than the usual three months to hear back. Now even if I don't finish this one within my deadline, I'm hoping it'll be done shortly after, so probably before I've heard anything about Sherry & Leo.

Will they mind receiving another before they're finished with the first? If they do mind, I'll have to write something mainstream when I've finished this or I'm going to end up with HMB manuscripts queued up here and I don't want that.

If they won't be happy receiving another ms for the same line, could I perhaps write for a different line next time?

This has nothing to do with submitting manuscripts but I think most of you, being big on reading, will appreciate it.

The Used Book Search is, as the name suggests, a used books meta search engine for second hand, rare, out of print books and text books. You can search, browse and buy online from thousands of bookstores worldwide.

To test it, I search for Penny Jordan, and received about 20,000 results. I then tried Camilla Collett, a 19th century Norwegian writer, and received about 30 results. It has to be said, though, that not all were by Ms Collett; some were about her.

I'm sure it's useful for those of you who are looking for something specific that's hard to find, though. I know I'll probably use it from time to time, anyway.

I'm off to Tilstone Lock for a picnic with Richard now. I've had enough of being stuck in the house in this heat, especially with the laptop perched on my lap all day, and as LM's gone to Norway for 10 days, we're all alone. What a luxury!


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Posted by Sharon J on 5:32 PM   

Blogger Kate Walker said...

>>Will they mind receiving another before they're finished with the first?

Basically - yes. HM&B prefer to work on one manusctipt at one time and for a new writer not to submit another until they've heard back about the first. This is because they feel that it's best to learn what they find in your work that's good and what's bad so that you can accentuate the positive and hopefully eliminate the negative in the next one. Any further submission even for a different line is likely to have the same mistakes in it and so you're risking the likelihood of another knock back - and possibly wasting your postage money . Better to wait to hear what an editor says are the strength and weaknesses of your current submission and then work from there.

Of course your work may not have any weaknesses! In which case they'd still prefer to let you know this and then ask for the next submission.


10:57 AM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

Oh dear... just as I was posting my next blog post, you were obviously here making a comment. I asked Penny last night and she thought they wouldn't mind and that it would show them that, as a new writer, I'm capable of coming up with more than one story and that I can write quick enough to keep up with their requirements. I would have asked her earlier but she'd been away and I knew she was going to be really busy when she got back and didn't want to disturb her.

Now I don't know what to do. Oh well... I suppose I'll just wait until this one's finished and see where I am by then.

11:47 AM   

Blogger Kate Walker said...

Sharon - I believe you sometimes visit the eHarlequin message boards. On the writng sectin there is a M&B editors Q&A thread - on there this question has been asked many times and every single time the answer is the one I've given you. You might like to check back and see - but several editors have answered and they all say please wait.

I know this will disappoint you but it is from the horse's ahem - editor's mouth!

11:54 AM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

Kate. I'm sure you're right. As for visiting the eHarlequin boards, I've been there twice I believe. I know I ought to at least try to follow the discussions more often but I find the whole thing incredibly difficult to use. There doesn't appear to be any system in the discussion threads - just everybody throwing in their tuppence worth while the casual reader sits back and wonders who's answering what. Maybe that's just me being a bit dense, though. Others seem to get on with it, after all.

I'll pop over and have a look, though. I'll also let Penny know. Thanks.

12:05 PM   

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