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Happy Birthday, Willy Waggledagger.
Sunday, April 23, 2006
And happy St. George's Day, too.

If I'd had a flag and a post, I'd have hoisted it today. We just aren't patriotic enough in this country.

Had Mr. Shakespeare still been alive, he'd be 442 years old today. I don't know how old St. George would have been. In fact, I don't even know who he was. How embarrassing is that?

Can you imagine what it would be like if Willy were to wake up and come back to join the living now? The amount of changes that have taken place would probably be enough to send a man insane. He just wouldn't be able to get his head around things, would he?

Here are some of the things that I believe would give him reason to stop for a moment in order to ponder upon:

* Huge, mechanical worms that transport people around London.

* Plays being enacted at either communal theatres or--and this has to be witchcraft--in people's own homes, without the need for the players to actually be present.

* Plastic cards you put in a machine that spits money back at you. Hold on... Plastic? What's that?

* A big china bowl in which to deposit one's body waste that sits copious amounts of water, seemingly from nowhere, and as if by magic, the waste disappears. I'm sure Willy would agree it beats throwing it out of the window!

and, of course,

* Machines that write stories at the press of a few buttons.

Personally, I'm enjoying my particular version of that machine at the moment. What luxury to have a laptop that races along! I can work so much more efficiently now! These things may well confuse Willy during his day-trip back to life, but oh for the wonders of modern technology.

The word count only increased by 498 yesterday but I did some re-writing and removed a good few words as part of my quest for tighter writing, so I'm happy enough with that.

Today I've been messing around with other things (including pumping more links into the NWG links section) but the writing hasn't been entirely neglected and I'll definitely work on it after dinner (or tea, or whatever you like to call the evening meal).

Oh, and before I go, I must tell you how pleased I was to come across MsCreativity's blog. She's just starting out on her first novel to submit to HMB, too. Well, it's her third but the other two were donkey's years ago so we're sort of in the same boat. Close enough, anyway. And that makes me feel less alone here in blogland, knowing that she's out there doing the exact same thing. We're aiming at different lines but that doesn't matter, does it?

Posted by Sharon J on 5:50 PM   


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