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Writing Can Be A Pain
Monday, July 10, 2006
Now I understand what Trish Wylie meant when she said that writing "O'Reilly's Bride" was like giving birth to a pineapple because that's exactly what getting words onto paper felt like yesterday. Not just words for the book, either. I had several articles that should have been delivered this morning but they're late because the words just wouldn't come. Every sentence was a struggle and when I reread what I had, it sounded as if it'd been written by somebody on a frighteningly high dose of opiates.

I'm hoping today is going to be better because not only do I have those original articles to deliver, I had another two on top of them! In other words, I've got my work cut out today. And there was me thinking I might get time to move a few perennials in the garden and plant a few new ones. Dream on! I doubt the book will be given much attention, either, but come what may, it'll get at least half hour, even if I have to put matchsticks under my eye lids!

Oh well, things can only get better :-)

Today's link is one I may need if I the aforementioned continues. It's "How To Finish A Novel" by Holly Lisle. It isn't long and waffly; just a nice succint article that explains some simple techniques that the author uses in order to get from "Once upon a time..." to "The End".

PS: Anybody know what's happened to Martyn Clayton? His blog disappeared about a week or so ago and hasn't re-emerged so I'm a little bit worried that something may have happened.


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Posted by Sharon J on 10:29 AM   

Blogger Melly said...

I hate those days when writing is a pain. Hope you make your deadlines.

2:42 AM   

Blogger Julie S said...

I have days like words. But way to go, making yourself spend at least a half hour on it. That's discipline!

2:47 AM   

Blogger Karen Erickson said...

This writing stuff is so hard! And giving birth to a pineapple? Yep, some days feel that bad! But then the good days can certainly make up for the bad, thank goodness.

6:25 AM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

Melly. Still working on those deadlines. Luckily I was able to get an extension on one set of articles but they'll have to be delivered this evening. My daughter's coming over tomorrow for a couple of weeks so I don't really want to be working too hard while she's here and next week we're off to London for the week so have to have everything wrapped up by then.

Julie. Discipline? Maybe I've finally learned what that is!

Karen. Yepp, the good days certainly do make up for them. It's a wonderful feeling when those words are like molten iron in a foundry: red hot and flowing.

9:13 AM   

Blogger Debi said...

London? You're gonna be in London???

11:45 AM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

We're staying near St. Katherine's Dock so pretty central. If you email me (dioritt (@) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk) I'll send you my mobile number so we can arrange something.

12:09 PM   

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