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Strange Happenings In Nantwich
Thursday, April 27, 2006
Do you see the ring on the photo? Of course you do. You can hardly miss it, can you? Well let me tell you a story.

Today I had to go see my accountant. Not the most exciting way to spend an afternoon but these things have to be done. Because my daughter wanted a lift to college at 2pm, we decided to kill two birds by dropping her off first and then going into Nantwich early so that we could go to the market. That didn't happen, though. Instead we ended up at the Civic Hall because, unbeknown to me beforehand, they were hosting an antiques fair.

As luck would have it (or not?) I only had £20 on me so there was no chance I'd spend money I couldn't afford. I was happy enough with that; it would still be enough to allow me some little extravagance.

As Richard had to go elsewhere for a few minutes, I mooched around alone, looking at all the beautiful bits and pieces on display. So many things - so little money! When I finally bumped into Richard again I felt obliged to hint about the beautiful ring I'd seen on "that stall over there" (picture woman pointing widly so as gentleman by her side can't possibly mistake where the ring can be found).

Obviously, I was hoping he'd buy it for me but really didn't think it would happen. What I wasn't expecting was for him to slide it on the third finger of my left hand and ask me to marry him!

Weyhey! I'm engaged! And it happened in the middle of an antiques fair in Nantwich Civic Hall.

We're going away to celebrate on Sunday. Just two nights at a B&B in Llangollen but hopefully it’ll be nice and romantic being as it's just the two of us. Should I pack some frilly knickers?

Today's word count isn't worth mentioning - I've been too busy with other things. I have to re-arrange the way I've been doing my accounts and download tons of online invoices and bank statements so that nice mister accountant man can sort out my proof of income for 2005/2006, and going out today left me exhausted so I slept for about 4 hours afterwards. Let's just say the total increased by point four percent.

Not to worry. Tomorrow's another day :-)

Posted by Sharon J on 11:22 PM   

Blogger Jeanne said...

Congratulations, Sharon!!!!

The Nantwich Civic Hall is a better place than the slipper section of the Hudson's Bay department store, which is where my husband proposed (also minutes after buying the ring)!

I can't believe you're blogging about word counts and accountants when you just got engaged!!!

12:44 AM   

Blogger Karen Erickson said...

Wow congrats, Sharon! I agree with Jeanne - who cares about word counts and accountants. You just got engaged! You should be ecstatic! And yes I would definitely pack some frilly knickers. *wink wink*

4:42 AM   

Blogger Liz Fielding said...

Sharon! That is such a lovely story. What a lovely romantic man. And a very beautiful ring. I hope you'll both be happy ever after.

8:32 AM   

Blogger India said...

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!!

Celebrate your socks off (and your frilly knickers too, you brazen hussy!) in Langollen-- hope you have a fab time.

Excellent! The first NWG wedding. It's got to be worth a mention in the Chronicle, surely!

9:05 AM   

Blogger Iona said...

Aha! Have sorted out my identity crisis. Speaking as Iona instead of Imogen, I'd like to say congratulations too!!

9:38 AM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

Thanks Jeanne, Karen, Liz and ... Iona? LOL. I was wondering what connection somebody called Imogen had to the NWG :-)

We haven't set a date because I really want my mum to be at the wedding and as my dad's very ill, he can't travel and she won't/can't leave him. I don't really want to think about what's going to have to happen before mum will be able to leave London but in the meantime we'll be laying plans.

So far, all we know is that we'd like to hold it in a hotel that arranges civil weddings as that would be easiest for friends and family who'll need to travel a considerable distance to get here.

I just had a thought. Wouldn't it be great to combine wedding and romantic novel launch? Better get writing ;-)

10:43 AM   

Anonymous Karen Lee Field said...


What a wonderful thing to happen. At least you'll have lovely memories of the proposal. And that's gorgeous.

Have a great few days alone.

11:40 AM   

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, congratulations!!! Happy Now? :-)

12:13 PM   

Blogger Kate Walker said...

I'm so glad I visited your blog today. Many Congratulations - what a lovely story, lovely ring, lovely man. All a romantic novelist's hear desires.

Wishing you the perfect happy ever after

Kate (and purrs from Sid)

1:05 PM   

Anonymous Kate Hardy said...

Congratulations - and how ROMANTIC. That's lovely. Have a fabulous weekend away.

2:12 PM   

Blogger Amanda Ashby said...

Congratulations, Sharon - that rocks (hehehe - geddit?!!!)

2:49 PM   

Blogger Minx said...

So pleased for you - but pack the works darling and make it a day and night and day to remember!!!

6:03 PM   

Blogger kate said...

Congratulations to you both. What a lovely story. Have a lovely time and forget about word counts.

6:26 PM   

Blogger Sue aka MsCreativity said...

That is sooo romantic! Many, many congratulations. The ring is beautiful. Do you know whose ring it reminded me of when I first looked at it - you remember Princess Diana's engagement ring??
If I were you I'd completely forget about wordcounts until next week - you've got some major celebrating to do :-)

7:11 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

I'm completely bowled over! So many people wishing us luck, love, happiness and the rest. Richard's pretty surprised by it all too, and has asked me to thank you all for the lovely wishes you've sent.

Karen. Nantwich Civic Hall will never be the same again. I never used to like the place but I do now :) Hey! Maybe we could have our reception in there! It's a thought.

Anonymous. Yes, thanks. Very happy :)

Kate W. I'm glad you popped in, too. It's like our very own romantic novel, isn't it? And nice of Sid to congratulate in his own purry way.

Kate H. Thanks. I'm sure we'll enjoy it.

Amanda. That was just sooooo lame :-)

Minx. The frillies will definitely be coming with me!

Kate. I promise not to think about word counts for the entire duration. That isn't the same as not thinking about the story, though ;-)

Mscreativity. We thought of that, too! I very much doubt mine cost anywhere near what hers cost but who's worrying? I love my ring because I love my man! My real life hero :-)

7:56 PM   

Anonymous Julie Cohen said...

Congratulations, Sharon! What a great story! And I hope you have a great time in lovely Llangollen.

11:21 AM   

Blogger Debi said...

Add me to the list of people wishing you luck and joy! It's like you're living your own romantic novel.
As an author of rather nasty crime thrillers I'd be crazy to try the same thing ... but am delighted for you both.
Advice re the wedding - try not to have too fixed an idea of how it should go - just be determined to enjoy whatever it is!

12:04 PM   

Blogger Annie said...

Congratulations, Sharon!
Hope this doesn't spook you out too much coming from you-still-don't-know-who!

2:18 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

Thanks Julie, Debi and Annie (??).

The mystery continues. And yes, it is a bit spooky ;)

2:05 PM   

Blogger Kim Rees / Kim Knox said...

Coming in late for the congratulations!

9:13 AM   

Blogger Penny said...

Sharon and Richard. I am sooooo late with this but many many congrats, to you both. You are a terrific couple and the happiness you share shines out of you both.

Penny J

10:16 AM   

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