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Hot 25 Romance Novels
Tuesday, May 09, 2006
I'm curious about everything that has something to do with books. Always have been. Books, knitting and gardening, but being as this blog's about writing, I'll forget the yarn and flowers.

Amazon's list of most sold romance novels is a list I regularly look at as it gives a good indication of what's popular at the moment. The only problem with looking at it is that I usually end up ordering something but today I was good and ordered nothing.

Unsurprisingly, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice -- a bargain at £1.50 -- is at 22nd place, but what really surprised me is the book at 15th place: House of Decadence by Lucia Cubelli. It's an x-rated erotic romance a la Black Lace, and for some reason I wouldn't have imagined that kind of book reaching the Top 25 list any more than I'd have expected to see a HMB cataromance there. Which I didn't.

Just another of my time-wasting operations.

I've finally started working on the book again after 10 days without a word being written. I was dead tired last night but decided that come what may, I had to write something or I'd never get started again. I'd made lots of notes while we were away last weekend so out came a couple of scenes and a few new ones so although the word count has only increased by 522, I actually wrote more than that.

It feels good to be back in the swing again, though. Sherry and Leo weren't even upset with me as I'd left them at a very emotionally trying time in their relationship so they were glad for some breathing space themselves while they decided where to go from here. All in all, the break was good for everybody but I have some serious catching up to do.

Posted by Sharon J on 11:14 AM   

Blogger Debi said...

Great to hear you're writing again after what was after all only a short break. Personally I don't put too much store in word counts as a way of measuring progress. 'Thinking' time, 'letting it sit' time and 'making notes' time are all equally crucial parts of the whole creative process, don't you think?
I don't think we should beat ourselves up for not regularly hitting some mythical target for words written.
Or maybe I'm simply (and rather transparently) justifying sitting here blogging instead of noveling ...

12:39 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

I totally agree, Debi. In fact, I seem to remember writing a post about it a while ago, because I was fed up with people asking "how's the book coming along?" and not accepting that anything other than words on paper was part of writing. Word counts are all that seem to matter. If only it really was that easy! No research, no time spent actually working out where the story's going, no character development, no changes, no a thing other than bashing the keyboard. Still, seeing the word count get closer to the mark does help me, even though I know my work has consisted of far more than just those 500-odd words.

I'm now finishing off today's early blogging round. Back to the 'proper' work (that's the stuff somebody actually pays me to write), and then more blogging and book writing this evening, hopefully :)

1:02 PM   

Blogger Minx said...

So wrapped up in the snoggin' that you didn't even read your poem, did you???

6:58 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

I did read it - when I was over your place earlier today and made a comment on something else. I was going to comment on the poem but Blogger broke It was very nice of you to dedicate a poem to me. I was so touched that my toes curled up, which made it a bit difficult to get my shoes on and gave me the perfect excuse to stay home all day.

2:06 AM   

Blogger Maxine said...

Maybe people buy all those Black Lace books on Amazon because they are too embarrassed to buy them in person in a bookshop?

8:28 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

That's a very good point, Maxine. I'm surprised Amazon haven't started selling top shelf magazines.

8:45 AM   

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