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Too Much Fretting
Thursday, June 08, 2006
I've totally lost track of the days this week. I just phoned the vet and asked for an appointment on Friday, thinking that would be the day after tomorrow. When she said "We'll see you at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon then" I started arguing with her. I was adamant that today was Wednesday and that tomorrow couldn't possibly be Friday, and the receptionist was equally as adamant that she was right. It took my daughter to settle it in the end. Hmmm... slight embarrassment there. Never mind, Poppy now has an appointment for Saturday.

I'm rather worried about her as she's developed a lump in one of her breasts (teets? I'm not sure what you call them on dogs). Crossing fingers it isn't... well... I don't even want to say the word in case I tempt fate.

All's hunky dory as far as the book's concerned. Yesterday I was whizzing along like there was no tomorrow. Maybe it was relief that we're all still here after the prophecies of 060606. Or maybe not. Probably not, actually.

Anyway, I managed just over 4,600 words which is probably my personal record. And all of them were good words. By that I mean words that won't have to be cut when I go back and re-read them today. I know because I've already done that and am happy with yesterday's work. Whoopee!

Today hasn't been quite as productive. 875 words so far. But then I've only written for about an hour so I'd be a fool to expect more. I've had a gazillion other things to do today, and another gazillion still undone, so may not get anymore writing time before tomorrow. We'll see.

But you know how I was worrying that I wouldn't be able to bring it all in under 55,000 words? Well now I'm concerned that I won't be able to make 50,000. Mad really because I'm only about 5,000 words off and the final wrapping up chapter hasn't even started so there shouldn't really be a problem. And what Debi said yesterday about sometimes having to elaborate on scenes made me think, too. Even if I do have to chop, I'll probably also have to put in more detail--more of the sensory stuff--so the word count really shouldn't be a problem. If I can wrap it up at somewhere around 50,000 (I think I may be able to go as low as 48,000 on this first draft), I should be ok.

Just stop bloody fretting, Sharon!!

I'm off to visit my friend in hospital now. It's about quarter of a mile to walk from the entrance to her ward and as there are no seats on the way I'm not quite sure how I'm going to make it. Considering I can only manage 200 yards at the most and that's on an exceptionally good day, I'm kind of dreading it but I suppose if I take lots of breaks along the way, I'll get there in the end.

Posted by Sharon J on 1:05 PM   

Blogger Debi said...

To boost the wordcount, look for stuff like characters that need that bit more rounding, scenes that haven't quite been set and any chunks where your first draft is almost more of a note just to get the business down on paper but now need padding.
Good luck! You're very nearly there ...

10:24 AM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

The whole thing's drawing to a close now. I'm going away for the weekend so won't get anything done then, but am sure I'll have the first draft finished by the end of next week. I'm quite looking forward to the revising as I'm sure there are lots of bits and pieces I can improve/delete/change blah-di-blah. In fact, I'm looking forward to re-reading it as I can't even remember half of what happened to start with.

1:41 PM   

Blogger Debi said...

Finishing first draft is SO exciting! Bet you feel really good when you read through the whole thing.
Got the ingredients ready, Minx?

11:21 AM   

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