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Am No Longer Fretting
Friday, June 09, 2006
Feeling less fretful today. Either the book works out or it doesn't. As I've always said, life goes on regardless. I've experienced a lot of crap in my life and believe me, there are things that are far worse than a book being rejected. I don't even know why I got myself into a tiz. No, that's a lie actually. I do know. I was pre-menstrual and as most women know, there are a few days every month when everything seems like a huge problem.

Am off to Llandudno for the weekend tomorrow. But not until after the match. No, it's not me wanting to watch it - I live with a man, y'know. Fingers crossed the weather holds out because I'm really looking forward to doing some serious relaxing on the beach.

I think, once I've finished this book, I'm going to end up working on two WIPs. There are two stories both banging around in my head at the moment, demanding to be let out and I really can't see me being able to keep one of them at bay. I think I'll probably start both and then see which characters most want their story told. That's still a couple of weeks off, though. I have to finish this one first. But then that's me. Always planning what's going to happen next, even though I'm spontaneous. Doesn't really make sense, does it? Life doesn't always.

Posted by Sharon J on 2:18 PM   

Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

82% - no wonder (apart from the PMT) you are fretful. Don't you always feel so scared when a project nears completion. The planning and beginnings are so easy, exciting , and full of what might be. Then before you know it they have turned into 'what is' and oh sh*t, the fear sets in. I cannot believe your work is anything other than exceptional. Good luck and good times on your way to 100%. Oh, and enjoy Llandudno!

3:08 PM   

Blogger Minx said...

Relax Sharon, you're nearly there, enjoy the last mile cos you'll cry when you have finished!

9:35 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

Cherry. 85% now! I've written lots of part manuscripts before but never got this far before so it's really exciting. In a way I wish I could take my lappie with me to Llandudno and get it finished but I can't. It just wouldn't be right. But as I've said before (either in a post or a comment, not sure which), this mss isn't really right for Tender because it started life as a Presents so I'm not expecting them to accept it. It's been an interesting learning curve, though, and at least when they get the next one, they'll know I'm not just a one book wonder.

Minx. Can't see my crying when it's done somehow. I think I'll probably just be glad to be rid of it so that I can start on the next one. I will try to enjoy this last mile or so, though.

10:34 AM   

Blogger Debi said...

Just goes to show how different we all are. (Except that we're all gorgeous, sexy, caring etc etc.)
I LOVE that final romp home when you know exactly what needs to be done and where you're going.
It's starting new books that always terrifies me each time ...
Put the oven on, Minx. She's so nearly there ...

11:24 AM   

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