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A Possible Shed, No Ring and More Night-Wear
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Things are looking better here at the moment. The big row blew away a few cobwebs but the underlying problem has been sorted. Not through lack of willingness on either side, but because we just can't find a practical solution. A couple of friends suggested setting up a shed for Richard in the garden -- to which he agreed -- only we can't figure out where we could put it without taking down a tree. Hmm. Some thought is going to be needed.

I told the girls at the pub t'other evening that I'd lost my engagement ring and Penny suggested I visualise it, make the picture bigger and stronger until the ring led me to it. I tried. I didn't work! Bummer! Does that mean it isn't in the house? If that's the case, I don't have a lot of hope of ever seeing it again, do I?

Haven't written anything so far today. In fact, I haven't done anything productive at all. I've been surfing around, picking up a few ideas for articles but that's all. Oh, and stuffing a few new links into the NWG site link directory. You'll find the link to it on the left, if you're interested.

I got the jim-jams for my hospitalised friend but it turns out she can only wear nighties because of her temperature. Blah! Gotta go out again today and do more night-wear shopping. And the jimmys were so pretty, too! Alas, too big for me. Still, I'd rather be the one out hunting down night-wear than the one stuck in the hospital bed so I am absolutely not going to complain.

Must remember to buy the Sentinel today.

PS: According to some folks, the world is going to end today. It's 06.06.06... 666... the beast will take power and destroy us all. Yeah, right. See ya tomorrow.

Posted by Sharon J on 1:19 PM   

Blogger Jeanne said...

Sharon, can you scan a copy of the article and email it to me? I'd be ever so grateful. Iona didn't mention a word!

1:26 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

Hi Jeanne. Sure, I'll do that for you. Iona probably didn't mention it because she knew you wouldn't be able to get hold of a copy.

1:56 PM   

Blogger Jeanne said...

Thanks, Sharon.

Good luck finding the ring. My husband lost his wedding band our second year of marriage and we recently celebrated our 13th anniversary. Such an event is symbolic only in fiction.

5:28 PM   

Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

I am not a Catholic, or even religious, but I find if you ask him for help sincerely. St Anthony always comes up trumps with lost things.
Glad those cobwebs have shifted.

8:35 PM   

Blogger Minx said...

So sorry Sharon, I have been wrapped up in my own shit and have neglected my fellow blogging friends.
I hope that this rollercoaster will soon calm down for you.

9:43 PM   

Blogger Carole K said...

Rats! I forgot to buy the sentinel! Can you scan and email it to me as well please? Thank you

10:23 PM   

Blogger Carole K said...

Incidentally I was telling my friend about your lost ring and she said have you tried pinning the devil? Apparently, you get a drawing pin and as you stick it into something, you say "I pin the devil" She reckon's it works for her, honest!

10:27 PM   

Blogger Debi said...

I had a relationship once where in the 6 years we were together we never argued. But it was terrible relationship - I realised afterwards I was too scared to argue in case I lost him - which in retrospect I really needed to do! The next relationship was really tempestuous but he always said two people living together HAD to argue. Now G and I argue like the proverbial cat and dog but always make up afterwards. As I explained once to the kids, you have to express your anger - or you get cancer!
Re the ring - I've been told most lost things are within one metre of where you last remember having them.

11:36 AM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

I also had a relationship where we hardly ever argued, but only because I was to damned scared to fight back. Rows are healthy, but sometimes ours do tend to get out of hand and cross the line between what's healthy and what isn't. Still, this last one got me writing again so, as they say, nothing's so bad that it isn't good for something.

Re the ring. It may well be within a metre of where I last saw it, only I can't for the life of me remember where I last saw it. And if I'm gonna 'Pin The Devil', I'm definitely going to have to do while I'm alone or my family may well decide they'd be better off finding alternative accommodation for me.

2:03 PM   

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