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I confess...
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
I confess that for all my good intentions, I didn't add to my story by as much as a word yesterday. Life just got in the way.

I'm off to Blackpool for a couple of days with my 17 year old tomorrow so decided I'd finish off all the little bits and pieces that would need doing before I went and get them sent off to their relevant owners. A few articles went out as did a few invoices. Unfortunately, the bits and pieces took me longer than I'd anticipated because I ended up writing an article that could have waited until next week but I was in the mood for the subject (pollution from cigarette butts) so decided to go with it while the muse was with me. I also wrote a post on my memoirs blog.

By the time I'd finished that, it was time to get myself off my pump and start preparing dinner. Just a lasagne but it still doesn't make itself, does it? Dinner made and eaten, I decided that the time was right to start painting that 1m x 1.5m room that has the audacity to call itself a hall. Only I had to watch 'Springwatch' first. I'd been looking forward to it for days so no paintbrush on earth would have made me miss it.

Then my friend phoned to say she'd run out of medication and was in agony. As I'm on the same medication, I was duty bound to nip over with some of mine. She's only about 200 meters down the road but you know what it's like - you can't just stick your head round the door, throw the pills on the table and go again, can you? I stayed for about twenty minutes before heading back out into the pouring rain and home again.

By 1am this morning I'd finished half the porch. No, not even that. I'd done 2 1/2 coats of the top half (which is cream) but it still needs another 1 1/2 coats. I just couldn't keep going any longer, though. I lack energy at the best of times so I'm not even sure how I managed to get that far when I got started so late, but I did. And I have to say it's looking a lot brighter. The bottom half will be red because I want to tie it in with the lounge which has three red walls and one cream, with dark blue and cream accessories (you really wanted to know that, didn't you?)

Today? Who knows. I'm not planning anything. Que sera sera, as Doris Day would have said. If I write, I write. If I don't, I don't. Although I have to say, Sherry's getting very impatient. She's been sat in her kitchen, waiting for her next move for way too long and there's a limit to how many cups of tea a person can have at any one sitting, isn't there?

Posted by Sharon J on 11:51 AM   

Blogger Minx said...

Life still has to be lived Sharon!

1:47 PM   

Blogger Karen Erickson said...

Poor Sherry - her bladder is probably ready to burst! LOL

Just kidding - you can't force the writing if you're busy doing other stuff. Otherwise, it won't come out right.

So just have fun instead. :)

How's your tattoo??

4:23 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

It certainly does, Minx. And as I've always believed in living it to the fullest, I've no intention of changing that now.

Karen. The tattoo's looking good now. The scabs have all come off and a couple of people have complimented me on it (Why? I didn't do it). Thanks for asking :-)

10:06 AM   

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