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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Ok, shoot me now if you're going to. I know it's ages since I promised I'd post but this is real life and things don't always go as planned. If only I could steer my own relationships the way I can steer Leo and Sherry's!

So what have I been up to? Not a whole lot, would you believe? Well, that's not strictly true but what I mean is not a lot that you'd be interested in. Work, work and more work. You don't want to hear about that, do you? No, I didn't think so. We'll drop that one, then.

What else? Well we've been planning a new kitchen. Not entirely new because we'll be using some of the existing cupboards with new doors, but there will be a lot of changes. New floor, paint walls, many more cupboards. At the moment we don't even have enough storage space to keep serving dishes or anything other than what's considered an absolute necessity. Drives us all batty, it does. But that will change.

Richard thinks I ought to poodle off abroad for a week in July so that he can get on with it alone; I'm not so sure about that, though. The control freak in me wants to stick around and make sure everything's done properly. I mean, when we built our house (no, not this one - I would never have built anything even remotely like this one), the kitchen fitters put the sink in the wrong way round, just because I wasn't there to keep my beady eye on things. And the carpenters put the pine ceiling up the wrong way round (planks going across the room rather than along the room) so that had to come down. And as if that isn't enough, they put a wall in the wrong place so one of the bedrooms became the size of a cupboard! No, I definitely think I'd be happier here, making sure the kitchen ends up the way we've planned it.

What's that I hear you asking? What about the book? Do you really have to ask about that? It hasn't moved, ok? Not a word. I'm sorry if that disappoints but I just haven't had the time. Earning money has to be a priority, and quite honestly, sometimes I'm so damned sick of looking at this computer screen that when I've finished my paid writing, I just can't bear to open the book and work on that.

There's a limit to how many hours a day I can spend stuck in my bedroom with my laptop balanced on my lap! 12 is generally my limit but lately I've been trying to cut that back to 10 maximum because I noticed I was starting to get depressed by being stuck in here too much. There's a life away from the computer, after all.

I'm not going to be doing a lot of paid work today so I might (note that I said might, not that I definitely would) work on the book. On the other hand, if the weather stays dry, I might go outside and plant up my hanging baskets. The plants have been sitting on the patio table for a week now so it's about time I did something about them.

The strange thing is, I do feel guilty for not working on the book. It's not as if I have a deadline with it. It's not even as if anybody's actually waiting for it, but I feel I'm letting myself down. Why's that? Perhaps because my expectations of myself have always been high and I'm just not moving along as quickly as I feel I ought to. I must stop that. The book will be finished when it's finished and until then, life will go on.

PS: My tattoo is now looking very scabby.
Posted by Sharon J on 10:17 AM   

Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

Do I need to tell you what terrible Feng Shui working in your bedroon is. Tsk Tsk Sharon! Having moved the mountain that was in front of my house, and rerouted a major watercourse, as well as spending £250,000 on mirrors, the Chi now flows around like a dream. I cannot understand why everyone doesn't do it. Your novel would write itself!!!!!!!!!

11:08 AM   

Blogger Iona said...

Me too Sharon.

Not a word.

Maybe we need that night out?

11:18 AM   

Blogger Eva said...

I think there must be something going around.

I haven't written more than a few words on my latest wip in over two weeks. And I, too, don't feel all that bummed out about it - just slightly guilty.

1:15 PM   

Blogger Karen Erickson said...

Good luck on the kitchen revamp.

And don't worry about not writing. At the end of the year/beginning of 06 I didn't write for a couple of months. Just couldn't do it. It can't be forced sometimes.

Just try and focus on the other stuff. :)

5:38 PM   

Blogger Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Something I'm learning about writing this time round - it will still be there when you're ready to go back to it.

As you know, I've been stressing a lot myself lately, then I got ill and the choice was taken away. I've gone through the odd moment wondering "what if the writing doesn't ever come back...", but even though I've stopped letting myself think about it, my characters are still there simmering away... I can feel them. :-)

Now, that's with less than 9,000 words written. You, on the other hand have written over 30,000! I don't think you should worry too much about having some time off from your book. It'll still be there whenever you're ready. (I've decided I'm not going to feel guilty anymore - unless it's procrastination/laziness that's stopping me from doing what I should be doing).

Hmmm... re. the kitchen. On the one hand I'd be tempted to go away and leave them to get on with it. But then I'd probably drive everyone mad with the phone calls checking up..!

3:58 PM   

Blogger Martyn said...

We had a new kitchen fitted last year. Complete chaos for a week it was - but it's nice now :-)

I'm in a similar predicament re the novel writing. I've got my head down in the 'earning work' and I'm not getting anywhere near as much time to get on with the speculative stuff. I'm trying not to get too down about it though. I'll get there in the end.

1:22 AM   

Blogger Jeanne said...

Sharon, in Nantwich we redid our kitchen: changed the cupboard doors, added a few new cabinets, new hob, but didn't change the tiles, floor or walls. It took two days - hardly chaos. It was the best thing we ever did to the house and the fitter (one guy!) did a great job.

Take off and don't worry!

1:30 PM   

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