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It's The Time of Year
Monday, May 29, 2006
It's good to hear that others have been dragging their feet (fingers?) when it comes to writing these days; it makes me feel better knowing that it isn't just me.

I think a lot of the problem is the time of the year. I don't know about everybody else, but because I sit in front of my PC to earn a living, when I've done what I have to do, I find it difficult to spend more time here when life has so much more to tempt me with. The garden desperately needs work (believe me, although it's a vast improvement on what was here when I first moved in, it still isn't a place for pleasant relaxation on a lounger and tranquil evenings spent with friends around the table. No, there's a long way to go yet I'm afraid and sitting in front of the PC doesn't get it done.

Then there's the house. I'm more inclined to want to decorate during summer. I realise I lot of people tend to make that a winter activity but I'm not everybody else; I like to do it during summer. I definitely want to paint the hall this afternoon. It's just a tiny porch so won't take long, but even so, it won't get done if I sit here writing all day. Then there's the bedroom. I'm trying to figure out ways to bring in more storage space (I have HUGE amounts of medical supplies that have to be kept in there and that DO NOT look attractive) and generally de-clutter it. Not easy when you have about 12 sq.mtrs to work with.

And, of course, the kitchen. That really is going to be a major job. If only I could believe it'd go as painlessly as Jeanne's. We do have to paint the walls, and lay new flooring, though. No two ways about it. We're also going to have to give the ceiling several coats as there was once a leak from the bathroom which brought the part of kitchen ceiling down, leaving it with a 2 x 2 meter area of unpainted plaster. The doors will also need painting as I'm not having dark wood doors in my nice fresh kitchen. No way, Jose. I'm fussy about these things. If a job's gonna be done, it's gonna be done properly.

Apart from the "round the house" jobs that need doing, this time of the years also tempts me out of the house and into the countryside. I can't stand being cooped up more than I have to be so when the weather's nice, I try to wangle things so that I can have at least half the day off so that I can get out and about and enjoy our green and pleasant land. Even a wander around a local garden centre for an hour is better than sitting in front of the PC for longer than I have to.

But today it's raining. So being as it's bank holiday and I'm not 'working', I shall try to write some words to add to my book. You never know, it may just happen.

Of course, there's always the lasagne to make for dinner and the breakfast buns I promised my daughter I'd make more of (the last batch disappeared awfully quickly!)

To infinity and beyond! .... eh?

Posted by Sharon J on 2:41 PM   

Blogger Jeanne said...

Good luck with the novel today, Sharon! I'm sure you'll make great progress. Personally I think gardening - I wouldn't touch a paintbrush, I'm too much of a spaz - great for working out plot, motivation, etc.

Me too on the difficulty of writing for other people and then turning around at the end of the day, or at lunch, or whenever you find a spare minute, to write for yourself. It's very difficult to do both.

3:45 PM   

Blogger Stacy Dawn said...

Yep, you're right. Winter time keeps me indoors so I work more but come this nice spring/summer weather and it's harder to keep my but in the chair.

good luck on writing today!

7:22 PM   

Blogger Minx said...

Raining, raining, where? Clear blue sky, hot enough to wear something strappy if your bingo wings allow. Even thought of giving the legs an outing but resorted to that new tanning/moisturiser stuff - because I'm worth it!!

8:35 PM   

Anonymous Sharon J said...

Jeanne. Yes, I thought you'd appreciate the problem with writing for a living and then writing for "fun".

Stacy. Thanks for agreeing. Makes me feel better about not forcing myself to sit in front of the 'puter more than I have to.

Minx. Go on girl, you just rub it in, eh? While we're freezing our arses off up here, you swan around in your strappy tops, shorts and flip-flops, drinking wine and poking your tongue out at the rest of us. Tsk.

11:34 AM   

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