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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Right now I'm enjoying the last hours of 10 days of peace. This afternoon my youngest child returns from Norway with her older sister (my middle child) in tow. We're now going back to listening to loud music, doors slamming, and taxi-ing young people to various parts of the town and surrounding areas at ridiculous times of the day and night. In other words, all will be back to normal.

It'll be lovely seeing Lise again. Now that she's living back in Norway, it's not as if I can pop round for a coffee and a natter. November last year was the last time I saw her. Mind you, she phones several times a week so I don't miss her as much as you might think. And anyway, our children are meant to grow up, fly the nest and set out into the big wide world alone, aren't they? Just as long as she knows I'll always be here to catch her if she falls, she'll be ok.

<-- That's her when she was little. They grow up so quickly! Linn Marie will probably have lots of talk about when she gets back, too, so I'm not expecting to get much work done today. I'm going to write one article now before I leave and, hopefully, get a few words about Darcie and Alex written, then I shall close the laptop until tomorrow. Or maybe late this evening. We'll see.

Unless you're like my other half, you'll appreciate that the language is evolving and that youth culture is behind most of it. For a writer it's important to keep up with the changes and that's where the 'new words' section of the MacMillan English Dictionary comes in handy.

A quick look through the archive threw up a good few words and idioms that I hadn't heard of or, if I'd heard of them, understood. Like 'Lavender Language', for example. I'd heard of it but hadn't a clue what it meant. Now I know it's a special dialect used by the gay community. ' Tmesis' is one I'd never heard of. It's when you separate a word in the middle by inserting another word into it, like when something's "out-bloody-rageous".

Time to drag myself away from 'New Words' now, though. There's work to be done.


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Posted by Sharon J on 11:29 AM   

Blogger Debi said...

Have a fan-bloody-tastic day!

11:40 AM   

Blogger Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Hi Sharon,
Enjoy your time with your daughters; Darcie & Alex will still be here in 10 days' time.

4:47 PM   

Blogger Karen Erickson said...

Such a cute picture of your daughter! What a blondie. :)

7:55 PM   

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